Qualifications Framework


The Botswana National Vocational Qualifications Framework (BNVQF) is an integrated system of nationally recognized qualifications and nationally endorsed standards for the recognition of vocational skills, knowledge and competencies. The Vocational Training Act of 1998 set out broad plans for a three-tier vocational qualifications framework (which will eventually link to a broader National Qualifications Framework [NQF]). 

The Framework also facilitates the coordination of vocational education and training (VET) provision in Botswana, assessment of learning, and the award of credits and certificates. The Framework sets quality standards in the provision of VET in Botswana, as well as moderation across fields of learning and levels of qualifications. Following assessment based on unit standards, learners will be awarded certificates of achievement.

Unit StandardA unit standard formally reports the achievement of an outcome of learning worthy of national recognition in its own right. Unit standards will be registered at one of three levels on the BNVQF.